CliniCare Dual Pro - most compact hospital grade pump - Sםםמ

( the only breast pump with Halachic Permit to use on Sabbath)

CliniCare Dual Pro

Rechargeable smallest hospital grade breast pump

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• A combination of Hospital Grade capabilities and sleek, compact design.
• Dual motors for powerful double-sided pumping.
• Dual, cover-less, vacuum ports for easy connection of single/double kits.
• Independent speed and level adjustments.
• Separate level adjustment per side.
• Switching between massage mode and pumping mode at a touch of a button.
• High capacity rechargeable battery for long operation (up to 5 hours).
• USB charging output.
• The only Kosher breast pump - approved for use in Sabbath.
• Weighs less than 1 pound !!!